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What I'll Miss the Most

So, here we are, living a very cushy life, in our nice big house, with beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding our huge pond, tucked away in the mountains of British Columbia. Looking across our concrete yard at our work shop, from the soothing comfort of our hot tub it all seems a little surreal. As we plan to ditch it all in pursuit of adventure, the topic came up of what we will miss the most about our current life. Having lived on the road in the past we already know a lot of the inconveniences we’re in for.

- We broke down a lot when Overlanding and repairs always seemed to be done at the road side, in someone else’s driveway, or in some dusty gravel parking lot. I’ll miss my workshop and concrete yard a lot but hopefully we won’t break down as much this time around…

- Not having the inside space we have now will be less than ideal, especially now the kids are much bigger but if we can follow the weather we should be able to use outdoor space.

- Our big beautiful kitchen with masses of storage, huge fridge freezer, deep farm house sink, endless work surface to prepare food, and a gorgeous island where our friends congregate. Hopefully the 2sq.ft of counter in the van and our little Engel fridge is sufficient.

- A washing machine is a huge luxury that we have become used to, however hand washing isn’t too bad and laundrettes are usually available.

- Hot showers, I love a long hot shower. As a kid in boarding school that was my safe place. I could lock the door and that was just about the only place where nobody bothered you. This time around we will have a recirculating shower system, so long, hot showers are no problem.

- The hot tub. When we finally bought a house and one of the first things we got was a hot tub. We spend hours in our tub and I think that’s what I’ll miss the most. On the road, we will drive and hike into remote hot springs to soak as much as possible.

My hot tub is better than a chiropractor because…

1: I don’t need to make an appointment to go to the hot tub,

2: I can take my wife and kids to the hot tub,

3: Hot tub is available 24hrs a day,

4: We can drink wine in the hot tub,

5: If we show up naked to the hot tub it’s not weird.

Yep for sure I'll miss a few things but the adventure is totally worth it. We will just have to spend a bit more time hunting hot springs!

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