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Snacks on the Road

Our top 5 road snacks include:

  1. Trail mix

  2. Veggie Mix for example carrots, broccoli & cauliflower

  3. Fresh Fruit which isn’t messy for example apples or dried fruit

  4. Granola bars

  5. Hard Candy for example weathers original’s

We try to avoid snacks on the road by taking the time for good quality meals along the route and avoid fast food whenever possible but kids seem to require a lot of food! From an early age we tried to keep the kids interested in veg and fruit snacks as opposed to sweet treats. We find they understand the benefits of a healthy snack when it’s explained to them.

As an experiment and educational experience we let them eat a sugary treat and then record how they feel over the next hour or so and then repeat with veggie treats. Without prompting they feel the excitement of a treat with sweets or chips but inevitably they become hungry and grouchy a short time later. With a Veggie or meat road snack like jerky they feel fulfilled and less fractious down the road.

We try to prepare for the desperate, usually immediate energy crash and the need for a snack on the road by chopping veggies into bitesize chucks and stashing small zip lock bags in the cab of the truck. Favourite veggies are - Carrot, Broccoli, Peppers of all colours, and Cauliflower. Favourite Fruits are - Apples, Bananas, Oranges, and Raisins. We just go with what’s available, stopping at road side stalls is a great time for the family to take a break and eat messy foods like watermelon or papaya.

Carrying granola bars and trail mix works good too but some borders and agricultural checks are very strict with seeds of any description. Roasted nuts and packaged bars are normally safe.

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