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Why go back on the road

The motion of the vehicle makes me feel happy, relaxed and safe. My mind and body are happiest when moving - free. I can see things clearer and the view of the road looking forward fills me with excitement and hope for the unknown adventure that lies ahead. Travel doesn’t scare me. Moving doesn’t scare me. Staying in one place scares me. I want to live my best life.

I have always known I was different. Being from Ireland, there is a huge pull towards home but I wanted to see more, I wanted to be free and when I did, I loved it! I loved the people, the different ways of life, the sights and smells. There is so much to discover. You could spend your whole life on the road and still not see and experience half the world. There is more to life than your back yard.

Back in 2014, we hit the road with a 6 month old baby. Why? Pressure was building for me to do what society wanted and go back to work and put my baby into childcare. I had a child to enjoy, to teach, to shape into a good human and I wasn’t going to let someone else raise my baby. Travelling with kids opened so many doors. After many adventures, we were faced with COVID so we sat tight in Canada for 3 years. With restrictions now lifting and having another baby who although born on the road, has never really been old enough to experience travelling. We are now ready to hit the road again to experience life together, to educate them and us and to show them the world.

Going back on the road for me is about choosing life and the adventures that life offers rather than security, choosing to gather memories not stuff. I’ve seen my kids becoming selfish, materialistic and shallow and I want to show them the things that I had the opportunity to see and share new experiences with them as they grow. Travel educates you in ways nothing else can, it shows you what you're capable of, your limitations and has a way of humbling you like a slap on the face with a big wet fish.

It’s time to go …..

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